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Reviews for "[my minds' eye]"

Ooooh.. veruh nice.

I like what you ended up going with... Very nice GOA feel. I only wish it was longer...


I'll get over that though. The bass does a very good job of keeping the listener interested and such.. I think I recognize the synth.. not sure though.. very well done though.

Definitely captures a great image of India. Great job. =D

5/5, 10/10 -Echoz

zomgkerrie responds:

ooo yay! my goal was to accomplish a GOA sound, and its nice to hear i didnt' fail miserably. i was sad i didnt' place better in the contest but that's okay! i was still happy with how it turned out! thanks for the listen! <3 Kerrie

It is opening!

This song opened my third eye! I love how awesome this song is! The blend of instuments and the chords and everything are perfect! You have really outdone yourself kerrie!


zomgkerrie responds:

yay! im so glad you liked it! cant wait for the contest results! either way, it was fun to make. very different style for me so i learned a lot! thanks penguin!!!



ive nver heard anythin like it, sound amazing, so many sounds, its entrancing.

5/5 10/10 hope u wn the contest =]

zomgkerrie responds:

yay! thank you so much! i was trying to capture the essence of indian music in this song-which is very "hypnotic", at least to me:D thanks for the nice review! can't wait for the results! *crosses fingers* <3 Kerrie


I love what you did with this. The sweeps and VOX were really good. Im guessing the drums were originally a loop? It kinda gets boring after a while with the same drum beat. (I don't know if it varied but if it did it was too subtle)

I like how u mixed in trance in with this. Try replacing the synths with a sitar and see what it sounds like. (Im curious to see)

If you want to change this up a bit for fun for a different project it would be really cool if you made this into a fast trance track. There is one song i know that is really good with this type of theme and maybe you will like it to. Pm me if you want to listen to it.

Really good! This will definitley be on the top 5 of the contest for sure. 5/5 10/10

*Btw its the Hindu religion not Hindi. Hindi is the language.

zomgkerrie responds:

whoops! my bad in "hindi"-meant to type hindu but the stupid i is right next to the u lol
yea, i was having trouble with the drums..i had never made anything like this before-if i had more time i would expand on it! my son has an ear infection and i have the flu so its been an interesting week! i was unable to figure out how to make a sitar melody from scratch- i couldn't find a suitable sitar sound on FL-although i'm JUST learning, and acidpro was no help either. maybe you know?! would love to hear that song you had in mind, i'll shoot you a pm!

Thanks so much for stopping by to take a listen adn for the review!!! <3 Kerrie