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The Lonely Reunion =HFX=

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A sad song that I composed, based off of a theme that I came up after talking to KillerKB about his flash movie. While writing the song, I had a very specific story in mind. I want to share that story with you, hence I posted it below. Of course, if you want to try to think up your own imagery, that's also fine too.
I hope everyone enjoys this song as much as I did. Please listen, enjoy, and leave a review.

-HFX ^_^
P.S. Sorry Nubbin, if you're reading this. I couldn't get East West to work. T_T

A man trudges across a snow covered barren plain. The only warmth offered by his dirty t-shirt and torn coat. The cold is all that is around him, the man is alone as he walks through the snow covered ground. It is cold...
A cold wind blows past him, blowing his coat open. Yet the man doesn't hold it close, as his gaze is held by the sight of his hometown, now in view. It looks as cold and desolate as the plains that he walks upon, yet he trudges towards his hometown. One that was destroyed...
The town gets closer as the man trudges towards it. It tugs at his feet, and tugs at his heart as he struggles to get back to the place he was forced to leave so long ago. The snow starts falling lightly, leaving white flakes on his tattered coat as he goes along. Eventually he reaches the town...
The town is empty and deserted. All that welcomes the man home are the destroyed remnants of the liveliness and joy that used to fill the streets. Empty buildings with doors blowing open and shut in the cold wind. There is nothing left....
But it all fades out from his view as the one place he loved most came into view. His home. The cold sunk deep into his heart as he saw the open door and empty dark windows of his house. With a dreading of returning, yet a strong pull to see his home once more, the man slowly steps into his house. Time itself seems to slow...
The man sees the familiar scenes of his home. The living room, the kitchen, the dining room. Yet it was all desolate and cold. Devoid of the life he once lived in the very spot. The unlit darkness of the house shadows the lack of the warm light of his family. The bedroom door lays open, he walks in....
The light shines in dimly through the torn drapes. Dust covers the drawers that used to belong to his young daughter. The man spots a framed photo lying on the ground. He kneels down and picks it up. The glass is shattered an broken, yet the cracks can not hide the photo of him and his wife and daughter. It is too much for him, the burden brings his head down as he sobs quiet tears of sorrow.
The snow outside continues to fall as the man's tears fall also. The coldness only reflecting the same feeling that is within his heart. The snow gathers outside on the ground. Darkness starts to fall as the wind only gets colder.
The man falls over to his side, he has no more strength. With nothing left to live on for, even his heart is slowly freezing cold with the draft that blow in through the window. Clutching his family's photo to his cold chest, he watches them as his tears flow down the side of his face.
But alas... he is at his limit. And slowly, his eyes close for the last time.
Finally, the man awakes. Except this time he's not standing on snow, but he is standing on clouds. He is in heaven. He looks forward, and he sees his wife and daughter standing in the distance waving to him. And with that, they finally have their reunion.

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This piece was really well pieced together, and the elements slid together in such a way that made each part a joy on its own, but yet passed quickly.
The story was the cherry on top of the cake.

On a side-note, do you ever create scores for your pieces? The baselines are what set your songs off from other people's, and while it's possible for others to make the scores, have you ever considered doing so yourself? It'd be a much-appreciated resource.

Awesome and beautiful song, after reading the story, it's a touching, and saddening song, I'm imagining so many things because of it, like there a man who's having a hard time in his life and he has no strength of doing it but, he see something like ray of light or vision that someone said "Don't always fell into despair or lose hope. There's always a starting point, be brave, have courage ,and everything will be alright'', when he see and heard that vision, he started to do what he wanted to do. Or a man who is walking alone while thinking his past life, there's suffering, despair, hopelessness, sadness, and fighting. And then when he finished thinking his past life, he walk to the valley and see the sunrise, and he also see his wife and 2 kids disappearing while the sun is rising. Sorry for a long imaginary story, but the review is like I said, it's an awesome and beautiful song.

This song becomes a million times more amazing when you read the story. One of the most tear-jerking, and saddening songs I've ever heard T_T
Truly a masterpiece!


The song was so well done that I had shivers running down my spine when I finished reading the story.

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Dec 19, 2008
1:57 PM EST
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