MMZX - Trap Factory

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Alright! I've had this one laying around for awhile so I figured I'd go ahead and upload it. This is a remix of Trap Factory from Mega Man ZX. I think this remix has the coolest guitar solo I've ever written in it, but I'll let you decide. Well Enjoy! Requested by mikebg.

*EDIT* - Hey if you're gonna vote 0 can you atleast take the time to write a review and tell me whny you voted 0? Personally i don't think anyone should 0 this because I know this song is not garbage and warrants a 0. Come on guys quit messing up the Audio Portal.

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Amazing song, I just love how nostalgic the song feels while still being a remix.

pretty gud...

:) Very cool and epic.

Came here through Channel Absolute Zero!!! xD
Great Remix !!!

I was never a big fan of trap factory but this remix is amazing and I remember playing this fight and it was really hard. In my opinion it was much more difficult than the final boss on normal.