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Death vs. Monstars

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Fight your way through incredible (I mean it) ammounts of enemies and true bullet hell to the final boss, where you'll enter an insane showdown against the biggest monster of all. Use your upgrades, bombs and Max Payne-like bullet-time powers to destroy everything! Leave a comment, I'd like to hear your opinion.

update: Thanks for the great feedback!

update 2: Whoa daily 2nd :) Thanks for all the support and good ratings. Also thanks to NG for frontpage! Many of you asked about a sequel. I guarantee that there'll be one, I hope it gets done this year. :)


- Continue button fixed
- Boss not appearing fixed
- Green blobs and oranges have much less chance to pop a 2K bonus
- Boss movement fixed (when he shot from outside the screen)
- Orange County leve difficulty lowered.
- Level 8-9 are harder.
- EyeTowers' and Hunters' shots are faster.
- Small enemy shot's damage is 65 instead of 50. Medium is 110 instead of 100.
- Small coin is now worth 30 instead of 10. Big gold is worth 70 instead of 50

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orange county is best way to farm coins but it may be over whelming for first try. i only had a 3 way minigun when i tried it and 4-3-2-2 stats

game is really nice, e ven though I feel like the upgrades avalliable just arent enough.
like I have the best weapon and all the upgrades but the boss keeps kicking me butt real good.

maybe I also have become rusty from not playing flash games in a while too :-)

This game brings back a lot of memories... I miss old internet.

having mobs spawn on you, randomly, and no invincibility timer when you take damage is a bad combination.

also some levels are just too long. the orange level requires a stupid amount of kills

Dang, I remember playing this during the golden days of NG. I remember this game being really hard, dying multiple times on the orange stage and from the boss slamming into me. Now though, maybe because I played Touhou and got more skilled at bullet hells this game feels a lot easier lol.

The game's still ridiculously fun, the difficulty is just right, and for an eight-year old flash game the art and graphics are still really great. 10/10.