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Pisces | AlphaStorm


Author Comments

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And, we've reached the end, and my star sign. I am a Pisces, and in fact, I'm releasing this album on my birthday. It ending with Pisces, I think makes it the perfect release. This is easily my favorite song, next to Sagittarius. I've had it in my projects for a while, with a slightly different arrangement, but I rearranged it so I could submit it as a collab track to Andriy Vasylenko, who is an excellent bass player, and I knew would serve the song well. However, he couldn't make time to record for it, which is fine, all I had to do was arrange it a little differently, in terms of guitars.

This has been an excellent journey, and I hope you've enjoyed every song I've made. You can stream this album, depending on when you're seeing this, now through Spotify. You can also watch the full album stream if you just want to listen through all the songs in a row. Thank you for listening, and for all the support! :)


Composed, Arranged and Performed by AlphaStorm

End Card Music: Nebulaic Dance Party by Xythisdi

Logo design by SonikBuster: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC64AZ1FKghCZNB3Sd1TC5gw


Lead Guitar 1: Schecter C-1 Apocalypse FR-S

Lead Guitar 2: ESP LTD MH-350

Acoustic Guitar: Teton STS000SMS CE

Clean Guitar 1: LTD M-17 7-String

Clean Guitar 2: Fender Professional Stratocaster

Rhythm Guitar: Schecter C-6 Deluxe

Bass: MusicMan Sterling StingRay5

Synth: Xfer Records Serum

Drums: ToonTrack Superior Drummer 3 with Custom Patch

Guitar Strings: Ernie Ball Paradigm and D'addario NYXL

Bass Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky

Picks: Jim Dunlop Jazz III (Kirk Hammett Signature)

Straps: Perri's Leathers & D'addario Guitar Straps


Audio Interface: Line 6 UX2

Guitar & Bass Amps: Line 6 PODFarm 2.59 & Audio Assault Duality Bass

DAW: Cubase Pro 10

Mastering Software(s): Izotope Ozone Elements 9


Camera: Canon Vixia HF R800 HD

Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018


This is an original composition. Relations to other songs (chord progressions, melodies, or instrument tones) are purely coincidental. Any influences will have been mentioned.

This video falls under Fair Use Guidelines. If you claim to own this song and are not the original artist or publisher, a false DMCA claim is illegal and will be countered.


Take care!

~Zach (AlphaStorm)

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This manages to create a perfect feeling for me, this track is VERY enjoyable and as such, I feel obliged to give it a 5 star rating.

Congratulations on the full release, there's a lot of improvement since I last heard your output. I'm glad you were finally able to get the hang of mixing to the point everything is well balanced and audible. I've only one complaint, the drums lack presence and do feel, eh, drum machiney, due to the sound or how Superior Drummer's samples work, idk my dude, something about them feels dead, I'd recommend experimentation with some other drum plugins if you can find the time and money to get them (I'd advocate for piracy but uh, yeah). I'd recommend Ugritone's stuff as I've been having good results with them, and a few plugs might be up your alley. The rest are nitpicks really, guitars bite too much and don't bark as much as they should considering the mid 80's 'tallica sound you're going for, I'd recommend a TS boost (tone at center, level dimed, gain at 0) setup before distortion/amp to tighten up your mids and give it more of a presence. Cymbals could also be a smidge higher, but that's just me.

Compositionally a very victorious feeling piece, lots of callbacks to To Live is To Die. I'm sure it's due to being the last piece done, it does feel like the end of a journey. Good show lad.

AlphaStormMusic responds:

Thank you very much! I will admit, I've learned a lot about drum mixing since making this so the presence problem lies in a lack of low mids on the drums that rely on them for punch. And I think most of the reason it feels dead is not so much anything to do with Superior Drummer, but rather my dependence on using max velocity on every hit that isn't a cymbal or fill, and the humanizing I did being a tad too light. I did actually make sure each hit was slightly misaligned with the beats, but it may have been too little. As for the guitars, the greatest problem they face is that I boosted the highs, which is where all those harsh frequencies live, therefore that affected the rest of the sound, making it sound too shrill. I've always had that problem, is that I like brightness to a fault, but I only realized that within the last month or two, and I finished this album back in September. I've since managed to get a much nicer sound out of some new plugins and just new discoveries about mixing. So, all of your gripes and nitpicks, I've fixed since I recorded this. The only problem is that those fixes will only start to be heard in May.

I'm glad it did its job well, though! This really did feel like the perfect ending to the album, so I'm glad it came across that way. Thank you for the review! :)

ok the intro reminds me like mtellica from the 2000st you know that goth-emo sound good song

Credits & Info

4.37 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2021
9:22 PM EST
Heavy Metal
File Info
7.4 MB
4 min 38 sec
  • Serum
  • Cubase Pro 10
  • C-1 FR S Apocalypse
  • C-6 Deluxe
Misc. Kit
  • Sterling Stingray 5
  • Fender Professional Stratocaster
  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
  • Teton STS000SMS CE
  • LTD M-17
  • LT MH-350

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