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So this is my first time ever submitting to COTM or anywhere meaningful really.

I've passed up a lot of opportunities to enter in the previous CotMs that I was aware of. Didn't feel the motivation, or straight up didnt like the themes. The same thing happened this time around as I just waited around without particularly feeling the "Dragons Vs Kittens".

But then something clicked as I thougth to myself:

"You've seen about what - five, six, eight CotMs pass you by? This one has Dragons in it! Frigging Challenge yourself you scrub! When's the next time that's gonna happen? You probabbly have a better chance of witnessing a solar eclipse you dimwit! So what if you've never drawn a kitten, or Anything cute for that matter - it's supposed to be challenging!"

So there It is, and boy did I have a blast drawing it! I quite like how it turned out. Especially the composition. Granted, lot of room for improvent can be seen too.
I believe this is one of the best things I ever drawn so far. The statement doesn't hold much value, seing as to how I say that about every thing I draw lately.
I should really draw more, like anything.
I have only recently developed a passion for drawing and am not going to stop anytime soon, hopefully.

____About the idea_____

So I figured a lot of people were going to try be cliche and dodge the theme somehow, via drawing a dream sequence, making a kitten giant (and essentially not a kitten), or depicting a reconciliation, standoff or stalemate between the two forces (and essentially not a battle).
Because those were the first things that popped in my head - and quite frankly, there's nothing wrong with them if done right.
Therefore I decided to metagame - to not puss out (no pun intended...?) and go full bananas in an actual depiction of an actual battle scene between an actual Fearsome Ferocitous Flamebreathing Freak of a Creature and an actual Meager Band of Merry Mewing Monster-Hunting Mercenaries.

I decided in favor of oriental dragon type over the classical european because:
a) they're MUCH easier to draw and
b) it's body simply has better dynamics - look at them curves! *whistle*
(I understand that the dynamic part is actually debatable, since you can depict anything as being dynamic with enough effort.
That being said, I do consider myself a scrub, so I chose a simpler, and probably smarter way)
Also: I was kinda skeptical about putting the "triangular eye" on one of the characters, but since the emoji associated with it actually originates from a cat, I thought it would be forgivable in this context.

On a sidenote: Somehow I Can't help but think about the whole thing in terms of a lighthearted comic-book story.
- The Barve One, The Resourceful One, and the Cute-Fat-Little-Naive One - Three mercenaries with silly cat names out there taking on the
biggest of games; the journey of discovery of the magical world and self.
I can totally picture the little one coming up on an unhatched Dragon egg and deciding to keep it against his peers advise and then he'd secretly nurse it and grow himself BFF.
And then they'd all be gay and merry about it ofcourse.
I have no desire to write these stories down, but they're there. Not sure what to make of them. "Dragonslayers!" I'd give that show a shot.

Have I broken the world record for the "Longest Description for Jazza CotM Entry" yet? Probably not. Wasn't really trying to.

B.T.W: here's the work in progress link http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mycosynthwellspring/wip-cotm

P.S: Jeez! I really hope that newgrounds downtime didn't screw anyone over. Showed me how to procrasctinate. wanted to upload it yesterday but "nope!"

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You're so talented !!
I really love how you did the flames ! That's such a nice job :)

Are you also participating in this month challenge ? :)

MycosynthWellspring responds:

lol. Thanks.
It's not that impressive actually. Literally anyone can do this:
Just 3 layers of white, red and orange + some smudged squggly black lines :p
It's all about the dynamics and whateer feels natural with fire.
I find the lighting of the scene to actuallybe more important that the depiction of the flames themselves.

Looking back at the last month - I really should have entered the open category with this.

I did feel a stab in the guts when Jazza adressed keeping the beginner zone nice and accessible in this month's video :X

Yes indeed, I'm going to be participating in this one too. I shall probably submit it by the end of the week.

It's going to be a Hairy Professor in the Maze with Demonic Altar, but SHHH O_-
It's a secret!

Cheers m8.

This shouldnt be in the beginner category. Amazing work man!

MycosynthWellspring responds:

Thanks for your kind words.

I feel kinda conflicted about this whole affair too. The thing is - I've really honestly drawn like twenty, maybe thirty things in my lifetime. I've only been drawing for the course of the last year, but creative impulses were irregular and far between. I've watched a bunch of educatinal vids, tried to study "the workings" of how to approach drawing as a process. I may be on the right track, but honestly - I just dont have the milage yet.

Even in this piece I can point out a whole bunch of mistakes that can be corrected or worked on, and in comparison to what people submit to the open cathegory - this one has a long way to go to be anywhere near as peculiar.

Yes, I've seen a few works in the open cathegory that I considered to have surpassed with this piece, but also a number of drawings in the lower bracket that are just as good if not better than mine.

Having said that, I did try to go all out and had fun doing it, but I'm still a beginner after all - so that's my reasoning for submitting to this cathegory.

I definitely aim to upgrade from being a n00b in the future though.

Cheers m8.

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

May 22, 2016
4:41 AM EDT
File Info
4692 x 2894 px
11.4 MB

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