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Unidentified (Hitmonlee + Dragonair pokemon fusion)


Finally! Another CotM is here!
This is my submission for Jazza's pokemashupchallenge.
A fusion of Dragonair and Hitmonlee: So the depicted pokemon is either a HitmonAir or a DragonLee - not sure which one sounds dumber :p
The features of the resulting mix blend together pretty well to me, but the whole thing looks kind of cheesy at the same time. I think it's the Hitmonlee's humanoid traits that highjacked the design.

Anyway: I Had lots of fun drawing this, as usual. Took some liberties and shoved a whole bunch of manga iconography in the composition too - might as well - it's "pokemon" for chrissake!
Also tried to incorporate a little story into the composition along the way. Huehue, poor derpy little trainer lad is gonna get rekt!

WiP Gif thingie: https://giphy.com/gifs/3oriNSI74nfqcjg23e

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Very dramatic!! I love it!

i think that the character/human destroys the atmosphere. you could blend it a little bit < the "pokemon" should be the focus of the drawing
especially the red, it draws too much attention. you could make it little less saturated

highlights should be from the light source side

there's too much of the black and white lines (i think only black could work way better)

MycosynthWellspring responds:

Yeah, I was trying to go for the original Pokedex color scheme with that one. Looks a bit garish, I agree, but isn't it suppsed to in children's cartton? :D
You know what, you're definitely right actually. I should've made it less saturated tbh.

Not sure about the atmosphere thing. The idea was to try and guide the viewer to read the piece from top to bottom - from the pokemon jumping off point - to action pose in the center frozen in time - to the punchline at the bottom of the canvas. A little comic-esque story if you will. I do see what you mean though. I'll have to reflect on it in the future.

The variations of motion blur I tried with only the black streaks kinda clashed with the line art, (which I judged needed to be emphasized in the pokemon themed drawing) so I settled on this one - sort of middle ground kinda gray on average (might not have been the best choice). Pure whites on the other hand could've been a way to go, but then the trainer-guy in the corner would've definitely needed to be toned down.

Thanks for the feedback and cheers.

You have to have both names of the pokemon you mashed together in the title.

MycosynthWellspring responds:

Oh, yeah! That part kidna slipped my mind actually :p
Thanks, gotta fix that.

One of the best Pokémon mashups I've seen so far.

I especially like the detail in the background with what I can only assume is the blurred strobe of this fastly approaching creature. The terrified trainer below is another nice touch.

I'm not a huge fan of the light edges to the cliff face to the left, if they weren't there I think it would have made for a better looking rocks (if there is such a thing with stone) and maybe there's too many of the dark streaks coming up from the bottom and right of the piece.

An easy 4.5 stars
Keep it up

MycosynthWellspring responds:

Wow, thanks! Yeah, I agree about the rocks. I wanted to move those out closer to the camera to differentiate them from the gorge in the background, so for lack of better ideas just tied to outline their contour.
I kind of see your point on the dark streaks too - as in to limit the amount of areas with lots of sharp contrast to shift the focus away from the unimportant parts. Makes sense if that's what you meant. I just really wanted to go for that classic "superfast-worldblur" effect you can see comic and manga artists implemend to convey motion - probably overdid it, not entirely sold on that.

Thanks for the feedback and cheers, I'd definitely keep it up in the future :D

Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2016
10:04 AM EST
File Info
2321 x 2974 px
6.3 MB

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