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Response to Anime Club 2015-04-01 13:16:05 Reply

At 4/1/15 12:50 PM, Zero-Down wrote:
At 3/21/03 07:39 PM, SIn-in-a-Half wrote: good, but I hope there are a lot of anime fans out there

P.s any club you make count me in,k
I love anime, not sure why not many people in America seem to like it.

I always thought America was full of otakus and weeaboos who love anime.

Just chillin' like always.

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Response to Anime Club 2015-04-01 15:31:31 Reply

At 3/23/15 08:56 AM, NewgroundsNation wrote: i've never been big on anime, and i've been trrying to get more into it recently.

what are some really down to earth, non-fantasy oriented anime? somethings more with real life situations, but spectacular writing. i have a hard time following most animes with their ridiculous plots and character designs

I'll go on to say the only anime I ever really, really, enjoyed was Case Closed. I'm not necesarilly interested in murder-mysteries, I just like somethting real, you know?

any recommendations?

You should watch Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown is definitely the Anime for you.

You know why you should?

Because Guilty Crown is Terrible.