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  • Chat Rules

Newgrounds Wiki: Chat Rules

Most of these rules apply to general chat and any other public channel. Some of the rules don't apply as much to private channels, which are available for anyone to use barring any type of activity that could potentially harm the site (illegal, etc.).

Almost everything listed in the Terms of Use and Forum Rules applies to chat as well. In addition, here are several examples of:

Things that will most definitely get you banned from NG Chat (possibly for good)

  • Using alts to evade bans or blocks
  • Discussing yours or another user's ban from any other part of the site, both past and present, in any way
  • Trying to discuss, reason, or negotiate your way out of the rules and/or out of a ban
  • Engaging in racism, sexism, or any other type of hate through text, emoticons, URLs, etc.
  • Going overboard with heated debates over politics, religion, or anything else - these types of discussions should be had in private channels (which we'll ask you to do if the discussion becomes too heated)
  • Baiting and trolling other users
  • Being generally annoying to other users and causing drama, even after being asked to stop
  • Constantly putting the site or another user's work down with nonconstructive / excessively negative criticism
  • Passing messages between users when one has the other blocked
  • Threatening to harm yourself or another user in any way
  • Discussing and defending pedophilia or anything else illegal in any way
  • Engaging in any other illegal or otherwise harmful activity
  • Flooding chat with an excessive number of messages (this results in an automatic 24-hour ban)
  • Linking to viruses, referral sites, or maliciously coded websites
  • Spamming links to content, yours or someone else's
  • Posting someones real information (doxxing); this includes ANY info public or private, including real name and/or any personally identifyable information whatsoever
  • Using another user's username, likeness, profile picture, real picture, etc.
  • Claiming ignorance of the rules is no excuse

Alt Accounts

If you create alt accounts to try to get around a ban, ALL of your accounts will be subject to an automatic 30-day ban and even a possible account lock and/or deletion. If you use Tor or any other anonymous proxies to get around bans, you will most likely be automatically banned and/or locked out of all associated accounts automatically.

Final Thoughts

Chat is now a supporter only feature. There will be NO refunds if you get banned.

We usually give fair warning when anyone is crossing the line, but we're not going to go out of our way to issue warning after warning or ban after ban.

We want to make chat fun and light for most people, a place where people can discuss art, music, games, etc. There are plenty of other places out there where you can get into the ultra heavy negative stuff, like private channels (within reason, nothing illegal, etc.) or Discord.

And if you're concerned about your freedom of speech being violated by these rules, please read this.