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Newgrounds Wiki: Using Flash Ads

Enabling ads

You can enable ads for your movie or game via the API Tools menu option within your project. Be sure to read to the terms and conditions for the Newgrounds revenue system. Once you agree to the terms, your application will need to be approved for ads by an administrator. You can still test ads in development while awaiting approval.

Placing ads in your game or movie

If you are using Flash, follow the instructions on using the API with Flash. The API Connector component comes built-in with a Flash Ad. Once you have entered your API ID and Encryption Key into the API Connector, the ad should function once your test your movie!

If you want to have interstitial ads between levels of your game in addition to the ad in the API Connector, there is also a stand-alone Flash Ad component. Place the Flash Ad component anywhere on your timeline, and the ad should appear when the movie is viewed on the web.

Placing ads with ActionScript

You can also use ads in ActionScript by creating a FlashAd object.
import com.newgrounds.components.*;

var flashAd:FlashAd = new FlashAd(); addChild(flashAd);

Debug mode

The Newgrounds API defaults to debug mode when testing locally. In debug mode, a placeholder ad is shown instead of a real ad in order to make testing easier. You can test an actual ad by turning debug mode off. For more information, see About Debug Mode.