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Newgrounds Wiki: SaveBrowser

  • Package: com.newgrounds.components
  • Class: SaveBrowser
The SaveBrowser component displays save files to the user, and allows them to select a file to load.


These are the methods of SaveBrowser.


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public function loadFiles():void
Loads a list of files and displays them in the save browser.


These are the properties of SaveBrowser


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public var customSortField:String;
Allows you to sort on a custom key or rating in your save group. For example, setting customSortField to "Game Type" will sort the files based on their Game Type key.


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public var scoreBoardName:String;
The name of the save group that will be displayed. If no name is specified, the save browser will default to the first save group available for this game. This save group will be used for the next call to loadFiles.


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public var sortDescending:Boolean;
Sets the sorting order of the files.


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public var sortField:String;
Determines the field that the files will be sorted on.


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public var title:String = "High Scores";
The title text displayed at the top of the save browser.