Reviews for "Spawn of Satan"


That was uneventful and boring, try and create a flash that at least has some kind of story or meaning behind it.


Loved it...the drawings are very well done and I didnt expect for him to get ran over(oops)!


The graphics in this flash were pretty good. Nice drawings of Satan and the other characters in this flash. The animation in this flash was good as well. The sound, there were sound effects used in this flash and they were used very well. I liked them. This flash, it was quite short, but the ending part gave me a very good laugh. Satan and the non smoker. Non smoker smiles and Satan sets him on fire. XD LOL, good work.



That was a fricken' awseome animation. ^ ^ Nice job!

it was ok

It was ok. I kinda agree with the toon though I hate people that have to impose themselves on other people because things are "bad" or "unhealthy". It's their freakin' choice let them do what they want.