Reviews for "Spawn of Satan"


i know who you guys are 1 of you use to work for hanna barbera or somthing i read your book!!!!! kwwwwwwll!!!

Somke that smoke or some thing like that :|

Well that was good. It was but... it was o.k.

LMAO, original.

Graphics - Perfect in almost every way, you need to color his horns brown or white or somthing.

Style - Defenantly a good original idea.

Sound - The guy burning then being hit by a car was great.

Violence - Fire + Blood + Demonic things = GOOD

Interactivity - N/A

Humor - LMAO I liked the blood saying 'The End'

Overall - W00t! all my 5 are going to you!

Comments - I <3 non-smokers? do they even make those kinds of shirts?


Totally bad ass, motherfucker! Spawn of Satan is my new hero.

This was ok...

I think movie lacked substance...Not much went on. I would have liked it more if it was longer.

As far as graphics and sound go, very well done, the characters were nicely animated. I found it to be a little funny. I'm really not sure what a guy who can't handle smoke is doing in a bar...

Nice 'Starship' cameo by the way.