Reviews for "Spawn of Satan"

This was really good

I am glad that this animation was short, and strictly to the point. Characters do not need an introduction because one must simply look at them.

I am very impressed with the direction and "camera angles". It was artistic and worst a "ten" for style.

Bring us more!


that was fucking beautiful. great work... going to smoke a cigarette now

It had its ups and downs...

I'm a non-smoker. Fuck you. :D Ohh and other than that good film.

It's a possible short

But I think it was pointless and there wasn't too much too it.

Yall got no taste.

This movie rocked, smokers revenge at last! The humor in this is its layed back calm violence. I smoke, I stare, you die, Im the devil, get a new T-Shirt, splat your dead. Good job!