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Reviews for "Super Mario Killer Jump"


"Pretty smart,huh"tsk yeah right haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahaahahahaahaa hahhahaahhahahahhaaahahaaah!!!!!!!!!!


That was pretty funny, though it took a while. Could've used something to keep my interest better, though the wait was well worth it.

Although, how did this get rated "suitable for all audiences"? Given the sudden ending and the deal with the mushroom and the head, I'd think that this would be rated higher due to violence. Well, nice flash anyways.


so effing funny!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA *tries to make his chair fall back but he hits his head instead* ow.... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


LOL thats it this is very funny


This is so funny. LOL what's with the head growing bigger? its... its... hahahahahahahaha! *chair falls back* ow. this is so cool! it does deserve to be in the mario collection!