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Reviews for "Super Mario Killer Jump"


Its so simple yet sooooo funny!!!
They would never put anything like that in the real games
heehee loved it!!!

this is my first flash video ya know.

yep it was and it was so funny it made me wannt to get into flash so i did. and now i've seen to much flash to count, so thank you a ton.

A short mario flick.

Pretty funny but it will be cool if you can do that in the real game.

make more

i loved it but maybe next time put a alternate ending on it

This ain't a parody movie at all!!

You call that All Ages?! You have got to be kiddin' me! It shoulda qualified for Mature ratings and not like this! I have seen Mario can't even do the Hidgh Jump like Crouch first, then jump! But instead, he went on a suicide! he used the trampoline, but then his whole body got slattered and the Koopa dude does'nt even realize that Mario left blood spatters all over the platform! He just keeps on walking back and forth as if nothing happened! All I see is Mario's head, and a Mushroom came out of nowhere and enlagifies Mario's head! I agree with this guy/girl below me! This "Mario parody" is just as fake as it looks! Shame on you Sr_Frogs! I wish this "movie" was banned for life! 458,956,360 thumbs way WAY WAY down!