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Reviews for "Super Mario Killer Jump"

Yeah, No

Sorry, but the truth can hurt. I did laugh, but this really wasn't interesting enough.

Sick, man!

Not the best video I've ever seen, but still kinda good if you have the time. Slightly and unexpectedly gory, but that adds an interesting spontaneity to it. perhaps not as original as could be desired, but I liked it.


make another. this time, with more feeling! if this one was good, i can only imagine how good the next one will be!

Anotha one

Yeah this is another submission I saw before I had a profile. I thought I'd never see it again (not to mention I thought about it today around noon) until I came across one of your games "Blast Your Enimies!". I got a better laugh from this last time than this time though. But this submission is anything but apropriate for all audiances that was the HUGE mistake you made. This submission contained a high rate violence that wasn't even funny, it was inconsistent outta the rest. Maybe a kinda agree with the reveiw behind me. This couldv'e been better that was unnecessary violence that you couldv'e changed and this wouldv'e eassily earned the rating "All Ages".

But still... pretty good if you are an adult and was addicted to this at the arcade in the 80's.


dude that wa .......STUPID. like seriously man geezzzzz. it would have been funny if he jumped missed the block and land in front of the koopa and died that way or jumped missed came back down and landed on the block doing the splits. ...