Reviews for "Lighting A Candle"

keep it up

sadness, joy, pleasure, rage, and other emotions i found in this song, i'm getting down in this!!!!

I agree with...

Sargonnas, his review is the smae view I get from this piece of music.

You have anything else from long ago? lol

This is easily the quality of something you would find in some of my favorite video games. I know that doesn't mean much to a lot of people but to me music makes or breaks a game, it is very important in my opinion.

This could easily fit a Final Fantasy game or make the credits of a game like Resident Evil. You know, the horrible nightmare is over, you've escaped with your lives, and this slow methodic EPIC song plays out the final scene while you lean back and let that feeling of accomplishment and content wash over you.

Absolutely an amazing song, the best I've heard in a VERY long while.

great once again you have brought me bk to lyf

another beautiful masterpeice, i will add this too my favs right NOW its really good thank you for making the decision to put this on.


Once again, MilkMan-Dan, you amaze me.