Reviews for "Lighting A Candle"


So close, I wish you could shape those notes a little more, for example, the clarinet sounding instrument was so cool, but would have been nice if it had a dynamic flow to it, crescendo-ing and decrescendo-ing to emphasize the feeling that it gave out. Overall dynamics are nice, along with the harmonizations, I enjoyed those.




Please don't leave again! D:

I like how the strings complement the simple piano, although I don't see how the title fits in too closely with this song.
Simple melody, not much to comment about.


I've been a long time fan, but just barely opened a NG account to persue my own musicality. I really love alot of the stuff you do. Respect

Anyways. Could I inquire as to if you use generic or downloaded audio patches, and if the latter, where might I find said samples?


Loved it from start to finish. Kinda sounded like the end to a Tear Jerker film. Nice quality and very soothing and easy on the ears. I like that is some of the music i listen too. I do have to ask if there is some meaning behind the name or if it just popped into your head. Cuz on a personal note my grandmother lights a candle at her church every week for the fallen soldiers. Being a soldier that all i could picture was an old lady lighting a candle in a church with a tear in her eye for all the fallen men and women of the war.