Reviews for "Nothing Else Matters In Church"

pretty good

i dont like classical that much(unless its from milk-man-dan) dosent mean im gonna vote low but this is a pretty good song dude like all the rest of your songs

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks man. This is a cover of Metallica. Not really classical. Although, Milk Man..is great. I*'ve worked with him. Anyways thanks for the review!


I hate metallica (fagtellica), but yu probably dont haha.

Even though I hate metallica, I still 5'd this, it sounds good as, maybe give credit to the original midi maker?

9/10 because it was metallica...but the rest of the song was perfect

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Yeah, I'm not a fan of Metallica after Master of Puppets. Even that album was close to being over produced. As for the midi maker...I don't know who it was, and ...since I rewrote over 95% of it, due to errors, I doubt they would want that credit. Anyways, Thanks for the review and the 5!\m/


'nuff said? Not quite. It's a great cover, but did you just grab a midi and replaced the tracks with good synths or did you actually rewrite the whole song again?

While I don't doubt that you have skills, knowing that you did the latter thing would be reassuring, considering you can't really take all the credit for grabbing someone elses' midi and touching it up without giving proper credit (which I have yet to see)

Either way, kudos to you. Great cover.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I did grab a midi of this, I'm not certain who's. It was horribly done, and I ended up rewriting 95% of it, using MY guitar as a guide. The drums are 100% mine. As there was no percussion in the original midi. The "vocal" line was the only one that stayed more than 50% original midi. Even it needed a fairly sizable overhaul.
It would have been easier for me to do the thing from scratch, hindsight being 20/20. Had I left more of the original midi in there, I would have given more credit to the midi maker. But they sucked.
I don't like doing that with midis either...I've been a strong advocate against it. I see so many people doing that, making the songs sound like total shit. I did it, to prove with some actual "music" knowledge, you can make a midi sound better than whatever else you will find on this site.(as far as midi plagiarism goes). haha. More people do it, than you think. So to everyone else...if you ARE going to use a midi and just replace the instruments. Do it so it sounds better than or different (but still good) from the original version.

Anyways, thanks for the cool review.\m/


I don't think I've ever heard such an awesome instrumentally covered song in my life. You truly are the best heavy metal NG artist. Kirk Hammett's solo could've been done by a real guitar-only heavier-but I guess it works. Can't wait to hear the vocals.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks a lot dude!. Maybe for the vocal version, I'll but out the guitar for the solo. Thanks again, man!!\m/


This is incredible. I'm speechless.

Bad-Man does another one.


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks muchly man! Better version here:

http://www.sheezyart.com/view/1441747 /