Reviews for "Nothing Else Matters In Church"


This really surprised me. I was expecting a heavy metal song, like the genre said, but got something completely different. I'm guessing that was a slip of the hand?

This had a really relaxed feel to it, but it was very driving at the same time. The parts blended together really well, so I applaud you for that. And they also created a really nice atmosphere.

One thing is that it does get a bit repetitive after awhile, even if it is still pretty cool. Would have liked to see a little more variety in there. That would have made it much better in my opinion, either that or just cutting it a bit.

Sorry I can't offer up a whole lot more of advice, not that great at giving feedback. However, would you mind checking out my latest song? Thanks!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Nope, wasn't a slip of the hand. This song is originally Metallica's. They are metal, I covered it, (I mainly submit metal) and I did a synthed cover of it. I actually put down my guitar, and tried it. So I figure it can go in the genre of the original song (metal, all be it...softer) and also, the genre where I submit all of my stuff to. But thank you for an excellent review. This will be resubmitted very soon with vocals as well. Please stay tuned for that.

I'll stop by your page and return the favor. After all...I think I'm still the "leader" of the "Most Audio Reviews" thing. haha.

Thanks again, man\m/