Reviews for "Explosive Anger!"


All hail the angry video game nerd!


The power glove goes into his right hand, not his left... =P

TheShadling responds:


This picture contains Win and traces of booze.

Onyly if the nerd could see this. but sadly he's stuck playing crappy pussy ass games such as that Friday the tirteenth game

TheShadling responds:

He did see it, its on his site.

Oh the nerd

What a guy
The only thing that annoys me is when he goes off on a game, for ??? minutes; and i'm like~ wait, that was one of my favorite games to play while i was little

but whatever~ Good work man

TheShadling responds:

haha yeah the fucking nerd, thanks man.


just...fucking win all i have to say

TheShadling responds:

thanks pal.