Reviews for "Explosive Anger!"

Gawd bless the internet.

Angry Nintendo Nerd has some good stuff, but personally I prefer his other work with Cinemassacre. You know what's bullshit? Pennies.
And his "Top 10 Jackie Chan stunts" is one of the finest pieces of fan tribute I've ever seen.

TheShadling responds:

haha yeah ive seen them all.


All intense video gaming in One.

TheShadling responds:

The nerd speaks for himself!

Love the nerd!

He once said "Das Spiel ist scheisse! Dieses Spiel fickt dich harter als das Leben!" That was cool.

I like the art by the way ^^

TheShadling responds:

Danke mein deutscher freund.

Amazing X3

Gotta love AVGN X3.He does some of the best fucking reviews ever.lol, Nice to see someone remembers Shit Pickle XD

TheShadling responds:

I agreee he is the man!

Its an explosion of shit

there's the 32x and the power glove all that shit has to be locked up or stored away from each other they they will explode and end all life on earth