Can't remember how many years ago...

it was that I last heard the term grody. I'm sure it was about 6th or 7th grade which would make it about 16 years ago... OMG I didn't just admit that.

Very nice

i'd say it's better than most (or maybe all) water color pieces ive done. I don't have the patience for that kind of thing haha. it kind of seems blotchy in some places, but it could just be the paper you're using. your teeth may be jacked up but you seem to have nice eyes. well, at least behind your paintbrush.

dreamzmighty responds:

Actually, it only took me around 4 or 5 hours to paint. I used to use a BIG paint brush because yeah, I'd get really really lazy. Now I use the tinniest paint brush ever- and yeah. It tears up the paper. I try to smooth out the paint as best as I can, and for other areas I want it to be sharp.

I have no words

other than...i love this.
Watercolors hold a special place in my heart but this one painting is especially lively.

dreamzmighty responds:

Thank you very much! This one was fun to make. Mostly because it's silly.And I'm still figuring out what colors to emphasize and which ones are okay to leave out. Haha.