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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

Just to put it out there...

I'm sure that this review will be pushed aside by another almost instantly, but I think that it should still be said, THE DEAD ALEWIVES AND DR. DEMENTO -ARE- RESPONSIBLE FOR THE AUDIO CLIP...I've just noticed that everybody here seems to either give credit to CyberMoonStudios or The Summoner...so...y'know...just attempting to give props where they're due.

done and done

like i've never seen this before. This script has been used so may times and in some many differen settings your video just adds 1 more to that list. Yes, it was funny the first time i saw it but now it's what you may call repeditive. Please be more original next time.

dude the voices, i know what its from! its from summoner for ps2. i got that game, i think the video in the game is better than ur rip off copy!!! funny u gave no credit to the summoner staff team witvh is kinda bogus of you!!

I agree with pro-found and i have that game its a secret at the end of the credits and he just took the vocies and made he own video this is crap