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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

That was not only funny,Thats mental Baby yea!!

That was really funny when they were fighting.
That was also funny how Fighter was all drunk and stuff.


This is the best movie I have ever seen on any flash site... and very realistic!


If anyone's played the game Summoner for the PS2, they made an entire clip to that sound file. I think it plays during the credits or after them or something. You can probably find it for download somewhere if you look hard enough... Great job with the movie, though.

Great Job

This is exactly how my first d&d sessions looked like. Make more stuff like that.

The Dead Alewives would be proud...

I heard the MP3 of this, I saw the movie on the PS2 game Summoner, feat. some of the game's characters, and watching this only added to the humor. If you're a fan of either 8-bit sprite comics or Dungeons & Dragons, I highly recommend this one.

PS: The MP3 can be found at deadalewives.com. It's on my MP3 Playlist. XD