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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"


that was hilarious, i hope this gets popular! woot!

CyberMoonStudios responds:

i found "summoner" on kAzAa.
thank you for your kind review.


Your take on this classic track is hilarious! A hell of a lot better than that shitty Summoner video floating around on the net. Good job, man!

CyberMoonStudios responds:

thank you!
i'm happy you took the time to watch my little movie.


That was funny as hell!!! I used to play D&D when I was a kid... ah the memories of bickering and endless "no you didn't, yes I did" This is funny shit!!! Great idea man, and nice directing too.

CyberMoonStudios responds:

yeah, i used to do that, except now i play "dungeon dice monsters" a jap yugioh spinoff.
holy shit, i sound geekier than ever.


Well, This is tough to judge, because you stole almost the entire idea from the video on the summoner

But, the video was also halarious, and you re did everything in final fantasy sprites and added some new elements...

but you took some away...

Umm...I Shall vote 3, because if you haven't seen this before it is pretty funny....funnier on the summoner...but oh well

CyberMoonStudios responds:

well....thank youi, i think.
you're an oddball, indeed.