Reviews for "FFX-Seymour's Final Battle R.2"

Not bad.

It starts off really slow and that's what got to me. Otherwise though, it's an awesome remix of an awesome song of an awesome boss. Awesome xD


man this is annoying, this makes me remember why i hated FF10 cuz that my game kept f***kin up in a certain part of the game with my fav scene. anyways great music


Seymour's probably the most annoying battle i've had to go through not because he was hard but because he was annoying as hell. You've done a pretty good job with mixing up the song. Sounds really really well done. Great work



i never noticed how cool of a song this is. played the game 50 times and never noticed lol. gj on this version dude. i might do a metal version of this :D anyways take it easy bro.


i give you full vote and full rate hehe

really good. was thinking to maybe start ff10 again, it makes me feel more to start it. nice job. great one.

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

Im stuck between wanting to play it again too...It was such a great game!