Reviews for "FFX-Seymour's Final Battle R.2"

i just beat this guy

i reviewed ur last FFX seymours final battle and i rly did just beat the game. seymour is ez if u have the right skills (armor break, mental break, doublecast, occasionally cast holy and doublecast ultima and nul spells)

This audio was good, I liked it.

The review below me was right about this audio being too quite in certain places in this audio. The beats and rhythems were pretty good, especially the beats. Loved how you remixed one of the greatest Final Fantasy 10 songs that I liked. The length of this audio was ridiculous, a good 5 minutes. The bad things was repetivity and the quiteness of the synths. Other then that, I liked this. Overall, this audio was good and I enjoyed hearing this! Good Work ShadowMan-Kage! :D

-2.87 / 5.00 (+ 0.17) Voted 4! Your 12th Voter! :D


Pretty good, but not the best I've ever heard

It felt a bit empty, the base & snare was too silent, and the synths made it sound somewhat monotonous. yet still not too bad though