Reviews for "FFX-Seymour's Final Battle R.2"

Nice Job Man

Man This song is da bomb very nice remix this makes me want to beat ffx a second time 5/5 10/10

ShadowMan-Kage responds:

Yea lol...Im on my 4th time trying to beat it...In the Thunder Planes or whatever its called...havent played it in like 3 months :D


love it

i remember when i faced that seymour for the last time i beat him.great job remixing it!

Goddamn... I could never get past Flux...

And... I'm going to play FFX non stop till i can beat it this time...

Thanks alot :< xd


I liked that you held the beginning longer than it was supposed to be held. I always liked the beginning anyway. The bass should have been heavier and more prominent but overall this was very good.

soothing yet exiting

It is relaxing and soothing but at the same time exiting