Reviews for "Mario Kart : Rainbow road"

Like the AHH

I like the harmony stuff going in the background, it makes the entire song celestial or Godlike. The drums are cool and the bass is cool as well as the doo doos. Great racing map and a great song.

Gorekiller responds:

...thanks for the review, Captain ! I made this with GP 5. "Godlike" is the right adjective to qualify this piece. Thanks !

very well done.love that 64 sound

i'd have to mk64 had always tined to be my favorite mk game.would have got a 10 i i'd haven't heard it so meny times

Gorekiller responds:

Indeed, this kind of theme would live through the centuries... it will never die. Thanks for the review !

aha !

Eyyyy bravo mec ! C'est mon circuit préféré !! Bravo même si c'est sur GP5 et la prochaine fois fait du Symphony x au pianooooo \o/ :D Continueee

Gorekiller responds:

Hee Merci, man ! Ok... maintenant, Symphony X au piano ...


Good work! I gave you a 5. Only thing that could use work is the beat. But this is still really awesome! Well i gotta run ill see ya later!


Gorekiller responds:

Hey thanks for the review, mate ! Glad you liked it ! They are some people who think I've stole it. I'm trying to convince them but they don't trust me. Okay ! See you latter, man !

7 / 7 /7 lol!

Salut valentin !
Bon boulot j'aime bien ce genre de musique !
Que ce connard de 0 voter aille de faire en*^*r!
Ca vaut un 5/5 sans hesitation !Bien joué!
A+ Nicolas

Gorekiller responds:

Aaaaah merci, Nico ! Ouais, ce gars-la n'aurait pas dû jouer avec mes nerfs ! Il a eu ce qu'il méritait ! merci pour la revue !