Reviews for "Mario Kart : Rainbow road"


to the guy for the 1st review stfu
alot of songs sound the same great job
777 lol great day

Gorekiller responds:

Hey thanks, man ! I'm glad you liked it ^^ ! However, you didn't need to insult him : I had a private talk with him ! However, it's nice that you actually believe I'm innocent ! Thank you for your review, pal !

... I know I'm boring but... 777 day for everyone ! Hooray !

Common dude.

Why are you submitting midi tracks? I know they sound great, but there's no reason to do it. It would be better if you remixed it, but still. This is basically stealing. I'm not shouting and being a jerk, I'm just giving you a point.


Gorekiller responds:

...oh no. What have you done ? You've ruined 777 day, man. I was just expecting some nice people since I've made this for hope and all I have is a negative opinion about me... Actually, i haven't stole it. I wade it in GP 5. It wasn't very cool to give me a 0' during this day. I don't even know if you ruined it, now. But that's your opinion... what can I say ?