Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"

eh............its alright...............

i guess this was ok. because at least you made mario die(thank you lord) multiple times in diffrent terain. i got to give you that one. and diffrent deaths. but it could have been better in graphics. but it was ok.

thank you for the "stop music button"! it really helped!

It's all the same...

The music definitely wasn't anything special. You didn't have any really catchy tunes. The plot was to kill mario. It never changed. What kind of movie has one plot and sticks to it? Just some constructive criticism. But I must say you stuck to the plot well even though it didn't change. The killing scenes were pretty funny. Especially The one in the black switch place. The one in the castle sorta sucked, though. I loved the graphics. You're movies always have good graphics and nice sprites. I also liked being able to click on the places. You should do this in another movie. This movie was decent, but I just can't watch it over and over like knux adventures. It doesn't have an intriguing story.

Apple ipod

Things that are wrong with the apple ipod:
1. Battery life is so low.

2.Its to dellicate.

3. why make it out of stainless steel it gets finger prints all over it.

Mario have a african brother LOL!

check your credit...

As silly as this movie is

You have to admit the idea of a Black version of Mario is pretty fucking hilarious shame we only got to see 4 shorts of wackiness trying to get rid of the plumber I could see a lot of potential with him. Hahaha but hey it's all in the past. Lets hope someone revives the idea