Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"

Awesome Music

Hey the Musci was cool especially in the ghost house you have some great movies


I did like it,I always like sprite cartoons , but as you said , the file size is a bit big , you should get an mp3 encoder and reduce the quality of some of the music to about 80kbs , you wont notice much of a difference in the sound , but the file size will drop quite a bit.

I like the super mario world cartoon theme

Kudos for that! Wish that was easily obtained outside of Kazaa, which I don't use. Better yet, wish the show was still on...

...anyway it's a good movie. At least the old days still live within me.

like it

Its not that good but i like it. Its cool how they're ghetto lmao


It was a funny idea with Mario and Toad being black and ghetto but not much story to it but throwing Sektor in there was a plus,overall it was decent.