Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"


To M14_REAL_2001: Tru dat! That show kicked some major ass!

To the auther:

Bang up job! I loved every moment of it! Ghettio rules! You should really make anoter.

Down wit da man! Heheh...


Man that was great. The part I liked most was how you used classic SNES characters Busby. Keep it up!!!

Good job

Great movie, but one tip-
If you make another ghetto movie, make sure to use more words like "crunked" and "spliff" and "dog." Ghetto words are fun. Very fun.

it was great but.......

it was jus a lil 2 short but make another flash


I'm laughing at the first thing that supermario1999 says he hates. If he hates violence so much then why is he watching a flash that warns you ahead of time that it contains violence? (Clearly a contradiction). And now for my "constructive criticism"
1. Better sound quality could have helped
2. The sprites had only two expressions;
1. Their normal expressions
2. An expression where you made their eyes bigger to indicate some sort of
by adding more expression you increase the flow of a flash
3. Zomg y j00 keel Mario n Luigi!!!! Teh NOOOOOEEESSS!!!!