Reviews for "Super Ghettio World!"


To M14_REAL_2001: Tru dat! That show kicked some major ass!

To the auther:

Bang up job! I loved every moment of it! Ghettio rules! You should really make anoter.

Down wit da man! Heheh...

Good job

Great movie, but one tip-
If you make another ghetto movie, make sure to use more words like "crunked" and "spliff" and "dog." Ghetto words are fun. Very fun.

People forgot about bubsy

Good movie man

it was great but.......

it was jus a lil 2 short but make another flash


I'm laughing at the first thing that supermario1999 says he hates. If he hates violence so much then why is he watching a flash that warns you ahead of time that it contains violence? (Clearly a contradiction). And now for my "constructive criticism"
1. Better sound quality could have helped
2. The sprites had only two expressions;
1. Their normal expressions
2. An expression where you made their eyes bigger to indicate some sort of
by adding more expression you increase the flow of a flash
3. Zomg y j00 keel Mario n Luigi!!!! Teh NOOOOOEEESSS!!!!