Reviews for "Guardian Angel"

And the music is nice too

Something weirdly nostalgic about this game that makes me think way back to when the coolest stuff to find on the internet was little 8-bit animations. In any case, the mouse control is interesting, and while a terribly complex game, it's still a fun time-waster.


Not to my taste, not that it truly matters I suppose, but I foudn the music boring, the mouse controls simplistic, and the progression slow. The graphics were okay for what little of it there is, but to be quite frank, I don't understand why it keeps getting good reviews. Of course, when people's comments follow the line of 'OMG IT'S AN ANGEL 10/10 ROFLROFLROFL', I suppose that's to be expected...


This girl remind me of Battle Angel Alita :P

The Game concept is great, but the control isn't because mouse isn't really for platforming. You should change the control to arrow keys. That's all. 4/5


the game is worth a 8 but the hot angel gave it a 10

nice game

pretty fun and fairly challanging until you catch on to the concept.

well done