Reviews for "Guardian Angel"


i don't like this game at all, it is just one of those things, i thought it was majorly sucky

i personally enjoyed it

i enjoy the concept, sound, levels, and fluidity of the controls. however, you should have included controls/instructions for the slower people =P
i also liked that you included a bonus stage and a nice fun upbeat change of music when a level is completed.
good work.

confusion about controls

move the mouse in the direction you want to go. click to jump, cick again to flap wings. you only have 3 wing flaps until you land.


you can't see the hot chick while playing the game. i would say more but if i did i would lose my account

okay but one problem

What are the controls?
I don't know german, so what is up with the intro page, but mainly controls...
maybe give more lives or find them on the way or something...
an angel being killed by crabs... not fun
maybe have demons keeping kids and fight them with weapons