Reviews for "Guardian Angel"

i like how the ass shakes

and the angel is teh bomb


One other thing I find annoying is that I have every single achievement except the one to play the game twice; mind you, I did play the game twice... but on different loads of the game. My second playthrough was to get my 60 minutes achievement and submit score achievement (didn't care for achieve till after first play). So I'm disappointed that I'm not getting my last achievement.

HOT !!!!!



good game but gets a bit repetetive after awhile

Don't like it that much

I don't like this game much,i think it gets boring after about 2 levels, and i can't see anything interesting,even if the character is well done and the graphics aren't bad.

In my opinion,it's too similar to thousands of other games i played on the net;to lower my score are the almost total missing of story,and the badly designed enemies.
Sorry,i'm only saying my opinion.