Reviews for "Fox- HappyCore Trance"

Lol, I remember those MIDI files!

I have the exact MIDIs you used for the melody. Nice use of it. I just don't like how it kept filtering out & back in. I don't hear any bass in this song. This is also pretty repetitive, you need more diversity in this piece.

Thanks for reading
~Zariah X-POSED~

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I think its nice

Very good. Well made, sounds good to me.

Instant hit

Loved it, honestly im almost disapointed thats its only 1:50 cause i would love a longer version if possible. I got to say if i didn't see that it was 1:50 i would think its a never ending loop nice transition.

Soooo Gooooooood!

Dood I soon as I heard this I downloaded and put it on my Ipod b4 you start having to charge people to listent to your awesome music :P


Thanks for that most courteous review a few weeks back, but anyways. This track would have been better of it was not 200 simple vipzone hooks and standard 4/4 dance beat. Learn to make your own melodies or at least change the structures of the vipzone melodies, it would be a good learning experience, and people can hear your style, and not somone elses pre done midi hooks.

Also this is not at all happycore or what ever, referring to happy hardcore mabey? But its still not at all it.

Jala-Fox responds:

yea i know i suck