Reviews for "Fox- HappyCore Trance"

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Amazing track, yada yada yada. Great job, synth awesome, cool beat.

Ok, tell me something. HOW, do you have more reviews than I do. I review like 300+ peoples audio, and only get like 3 reviews a song. You review, what 100+ people? GRRR TO YOU!!!

No I kid, you've just got AWESOME music. My music, not so good. so no reviews.


Oh what is this??????

Inspired by a dance musician I see. :) When you transition into that happy stuff (your 2nd transition) that tune sounds very very familiar. Hey I actually reviewed the guy that had the exact same rhythm as you did. "A New Beginning (Full Version)" by aaron4400. Take a listen. He got blammed though which was really too bad so I hope the same doesn't happen to you cause its a cool rhythm. Like the past reviewers said, you need better transitions, but it ain't so bad. Add a fx and its all fixed. :) I'll 5/5 your song and since I like the trance section too...not as much as dance...I'll give you a 8/10 review. Keep them music stuff coming. (excuse my bad english)

happycore huh?

don't see much of that any more nicely done mate, keep making awesome music :D


Oh mighty Fox...=.= what am I saying O_O XD...anyhow this is a pretty good song...a 4 for you (sorry brought it down...but that ending messed it all up...BUT I will say this...use the same version of the song and keep the ending...just make it so that the ending of this one is in the middle of the re-make...it will add quality to the song I believe...other than that, great work! Check out mine :D




this a nice use of midi from vipzone mate

i perticualryly like it those tunes
kepp up the gud work


DJ Rif