Reviews for "Fox- HappyCore Trance"

Very good!

I liked it, as most of mine are really random as far as the pattern goes, and synths. This one is inspirational. It's remarkable.

The only downfall is that it ends abruptly. A new song started playing and I thought you were gonna do a remix lol. But good effort man :D


nice job dud
catchy tunes, but it wouldve been better if they wer in the same key or something
and yea lik someone else said, transitions
would b nice.
haha the guy below me said newbrowns lol


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Jala-Fox responds:

He was abusing the audio portal, flash portal AND The review systems so hes banned and he also stole a song and a flash movie so yea you should shutup before u get banned 2 :D


Dude?! Why don't you make dnb's any more! Trance is good but I liked your dnb's please make more dnb's!


It's a very rare time you'll see me do some HC Trance. I made one (Hysteria), and it might of actually gotten the most reviews I've had, but it's soooo empty and lifeless.

The song in itself is somewhat good. Some things came in a little abrupt and some things sounded a little off note. Near the end, when things got loud, you might of screwed that up a little by adding too much stuff, and it sounded a little jumbled.

Anyways, keep makin music ^^