Reviews for "Dreamforge"

Dear God, Could u help IronJ to realize one thing?

That he doesn't take notice of good music even if he was payed a million dollars to even pretend. Once Again u humor us with ur lack of taste in good music. Dude get some better hearing aids, I hear there are some good ones on sale at the dollar store. On a better note though, NightHawk22 keep up the awsome work, and it just goes to show that sometimes it's ok to completely disregaurd some peoples criticism.


Very good work this song is amazing.


man this is rilly good!


It was pretty good, but very repeatative. Needs either more variation or FX on the first 1/3 of the song. ;) The next 2/3 got pretty old too for each section of it.

The guitar was obviously FL slayer (excuse me if I am wrong). Still, it was a decent song. Good work, and an improved version of this song would be awesome!

It was ok.

It was good but like iono maybe put a bit more in. and it got a bit repetitive but other then that good job especialy with the piano