Reviews for "Dreamforge"

What you don't know:

That factory pieces together random bits of information received by your "Visual Satellite" so to speak, and relates them with things contained in your "Memory Bank". The only thing that Forges together the Thoughts of your Subconscious is YOU.

Yes I was just being weird. Great song btw.


Love the sounds and the piano


Great song. the feel of the tuen is amazing keep it up.


5/5. Absolutely love the piano and the soft synth accompanying it. The beat was fast but it complimeted the melody nicely, and still kept the song feeling very ambient, almost relaxing. Loved it. :)


i wish half the songs in the portal were this good...

and i agree with KotoStomp69...

here please sign this...it calls for a law to make it iligal for IronJ to breed