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Reviews for "No Hunting"

was funny

Even though it's a Matrix parody. was still funny to see the deer take action!


MMM.....I really didnt know how many different situations you could throw that matrix scene into. Getting old. I know its old, but for future references to most flash artists.

not bad but .....

You had a cool idea but u need work on your films .

Short and oh-so-sweet

I recommend this to all us unfortunate dial-up users. This film only takes about twenty seconds to load, a welcome change from our usual waits in which we turn on the TV or whip out our respective portable gaming units. It's not Speilburg, but it ain't bad either. And it has guns.... what more do you want?!

thats one bad deer

Wow. A deer killing the hunter. A deer dodging bullets. Thats a change of pace in the hunting universe.