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Reviews for "No Hunting"

To Short

i personly would like to see the dead deer and some way of ending it better.


I loved the 3-D kinds of things you did. I've been trying to do that fro a long FUdGinG TIME!!! and the music and scope things were nice.

don't mind that last guy...

...that was pretty darn good. ah hehehehe!


You arew giving a way bad image of hunters we are not all rednecks! and you cant just get up to a deer 10 feet away from them so in conclution you are stupid!


Haha, for one, this had me by complete surprise, and for two, every deer I shot at/shot, never pulled out Mac-9's an started fireing shots back, lol. I have to say, very originol, I actually thought the hunting would blow some holes into the No hunting sign, but I was completely wrong.. But besides this being a good animation, I have to ask one question though.. I havn't seen one animation yet, that plays out gun fighting scenes properly.. It's always the whole cartridge fireing about the end of the muzzle for some reason. Care explaining why the whole bullet, and it caseing fires out? Shouldn't the rim around the cartridge allow it to seat into the chamber, and allow direct hit of the primer, and bam, out goes the lead.. But that's just me, I'd like to hear some input.