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Reviews for "No Hunting"

You ruined it

It was funny how the deer did a kind of matrix dodge to avoid the bullet, and also funny when it put the glasses on... but when u gave it the guns it got lame... It was predictable.. You should have had the deer go up and kick the guys ass without guns, just with pure deer power. Then it would have been awesome. 3/5 though. Make it longer too.


IT WAS AWESOME. it was kinda like the matrix.

THat was a very goooooooooooooooood movie!!

but if you make a bullet dodge scene I really want to see
the deer dodging bullets the matrix way.
(ya now ;))


I liked the cartoon itself but the ending left a feeling inside of me, one that said, "...that's it?" I had been hoping that the deer wouldn't just blow the guy away with the machine guns but it would kick the shit out of the hunter in the awesome ways of The Matrix movie. The super slow fight scenes, I had been hoping for something of that nature for the music gave the impression that something of that sort would be shown.


yeah, pretty good, nothing special tho