Reviews for "everything."

Bro honestly this is a good song Honestly helps calm me with a bunch of stuff that’s been happening right now <3

BurneMusic responds:

Thank you!
It's so nice to hear that!

I love how the effects and instruments are used to aid the musical texture efficiently. The voices feel a little out of place. the brakes are very well timed. Overall, I give it 5 stars.
I never rate 5 stars unless I find a new favorite song. I love the amount of emotion in this song, a soothing emotion that is hard to express, yet this song captures it perfectly. I love it!

BurneMusic responds:

Thank You!

i love everything. about this. yes. someone needs to make an animatic of your narrative with this song... *as my smile widens*

Really cool track, I love how varied this feels. I think that cool bridges you put in between the dance "verses" added to the track quite nicely. The synths you used sounded full and warm, especially directly after the halfway point of the track. The only thing I think you could improve on or could make the track better would be to make the "verses" (for example 1:15 - 1:35) I mentioned earlier sound a little bit less generic as far as dance music goes. While it sounds really great and somewhat unique it does seem to fit snuggly in a dance music trope. Still really great though! Great concept and approach for a song.

BurneMusic responds:

Thank you for the detailed review!
It means a lot and it shows me that you like the track enough to write about it like that.
I definitely agree with the verses sounding a little generic at times, and I'd say that's mainly because I'm still learning a lot with production and understanding how to do things in unique ways, which can be difficult at times.
Again, thank you for the detailed feedback/review and I'm glad you enjoyed the track. :))

it's just the first bit where the phone rings that doesn't feel right

BurneMusic responds:

yeah, it's a strange arrangement choice I agree but I think it helps it stand out as original :))