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Reviews for "everything."

This is an awesome song, I could vividly create a scene in my head has this song was playing, and rarely any songs do that for me. I could feel the emotion and for that, great job!

BurneMusic responds:

Thank You so much!
I do as much as I can to evoke emotion in my tracks :)
great to know it worked!

add energy please

edit : literally

BurneMusic responds:

uh I mean
I guess?
could you maybe explain what you mean?
maybe pm me?

anyone else Liston to this when shit hit the fan? this gave me some happiness wile shits going down ty fr the smile.

BurneMusic responds:

Thank You!!

I find it funny that a beginning sounds a bit like terraria ;D

BurneMusic responds:

I don't hear it tbh, but I don't mind if it does

This is not bad at all! It makes me feel sad, but yet happy at the same time. Job well done