Reviews for "-Daybreaker-"

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New Waterflame Track.
Such Joy.


this gives me very heavy nostalgia to being in high school ten years ago and bumping Superfunky and Showdown in gym class. i love it!

Waterflame responds:

awesome. Thank you! ts equally nice and weird to me that people have nostalgic memories over stuff I made when I was a teenager.

i love waterflame. it all started for me two years ago with this guy <3

the sounds are so well mixed/mastered. the song sounds really professional and the grooves are great.

there is so much variation in the piece, i can tell you put a lot of effort in this one.

if ya dun nae mind me askin, where ja get your samples?

pls pm me if want <3 great job

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Glad it shows, I worked way too long on this. I get my samples from everywhere! This track uses a lot of VST, but as far as samples go its 90% free samples collected online / from sample CDs etc, over the past 15 years. I go on a scavenge hunt online often. so I would have to list too many places and people.