Reviews for "-Daybreaker-"

(Hard bass🤣) this is the so good for me.
Awesome, awesome, awesomeeeee! (Stop me pls)
Waterflame go create dubstep waterflame? (Not advertising)

Good song!Can you say me what program are you using?

gj bruh man

Nice Waterflame. I love your music!

Great! There's a really bubbly sense of anticipation from the beginning, and I love the frantic synths at :22 that kinda serve as a build-up into the next section. That organ synth that forms the foregrounded riff is really fun, especially when it gets the slightly distorted texture like at :40. This is a really rhythmically dense piece, but the pacing isn't so fast that it's disorienting. The vocal samples interact really well here, and I really like it when the bass becomes more exposed at around 2:40. I also thought the spacey outro at 3:38 was a great touch - almost gives the piece a house vibe, and the filtering at the very end is scrumptious. You've really outdone yourself here, Waterflame! Fitting conclusion to 2018. Happy new year!

Waterflame responds:

Always a pleasure when you review one of my tracks! Thank you for the detailed kind words. This really goes to show for me that taking that extra workday of polish is really worth it! Excited to make more tracks in 2019! :)